1. Detail from the composition sketch for the new Ortega gatefold LP and High on Fire is using my shirt design for their European tour poster: awesome!

  2. Entrapment inner gatefold is finished, next up Teethgrinder and Ortega, well hello, pencils and brushes and see ya later mars matics!

  3. The end is in sight, Entrapment inner gatefold (still) in progress. I can’t wait to work with a pencil/brush again, getting tired of stippling/dot work.

  4. Put in a few more dots: Entrapment inner gatefold art in progress, while waiting for the green light from Teethgrinder: altered composition sketch for their debut LP

  5. Detail plus a full view of the composition sketch for the upcoming Teetgrinder LP

  6. Complete view of the front cover art for a future gatefold LP for Entrapment

  7. Almost half way there; inner gatefold art for a future release in progress.

  8. Entrapment inner gatefold art for a future release in progress.

  9. More work: 6th booklet illustration in progress for an Entrapment LP. Rejected sketch for the Herder “Gods” LP, since the band couldn’t reach an agreement, we decided to part ways, alas. And last but not least: a detail from the finished front for an Entrapment gatefold LP.

  10. Detail shots of my most recents works: 5 out of 6 illustrations for the Entrapment lyrics booklet for a future release are finished plus the Ortega shirt is digitally colored (love my new Cintiq screen; hello 21st century!)