1. New shirt design (from sketch to inked) for Entrapment: a homage to Albrecht Dürer’s sketch of “king death”. And a quick doodle of a shoggoth/the thing-like creature, let’s see which band picks that one up.

  2. Detail of the inner gatefold art for the 3rd Entrapment LP. I added some color to bring in more depth and to provide a nice contrast for the warm color of the front art. Plus a detail of the approved sketch for Urfaust “metal meeting 2014” shirt. Stoked to work for these guys!

  3. Digital progress of the Ortega gatefold LP. 1 more day should be enough to finish this project, which is rapidly turning into my favorite record cover so far!

  4. Detail and total view of the Ortega gatefold LP. Done with the pencil/paint/handwork stage time to scan this in and enhance it digitally with the Cintiq. No big changes needed, I’m just going to give it more depth and richness in color, texture and detail, sort of “digital oil glazing”.

  5. Progress of the Ortega gatefold cover. This stage, analog so to speak, should be done tomorrow. After that scanning and having fun on the Cintiq.

  6. Progress of the Ortega gatefold LP

  7. Quick shirt/poster design for Metal festival Scream Bloody Scum.

  8. Ortega gatefold LP cover in progress. I’m trying to tone down the colors, so that in the (digital) end there will be just a suggestion of color.

  9. Total view and detail of the Teethgrinder LP art, work in progress.

  10. Detail from the composition sketch for the new Ortega gatefold LP and High on Fire is using my shirt design for their European tour poster: awesome!